DevOps Training And Purpose

Do you want to know the secret to telling a good story? Strand the main character in a tree, and throw rocks at them. Are you wondering what that could have to do with DevOps Training? As it turns out, a good devops training involves stress testing the people with system failures.

The father of Game Day testing as he called it, Jesse Robbins, was deemed the Master of Disaster at Amazon. His job was to make sure that all aspects of Amazon were up and running and ensure problems got solved quickly when they broke.

He used this “Game Day” disaster training as a way to train his team to deal with almost any conceivable outage and problem quickly and effectively. As it turns out, other corporations whose product delivery rely upon the Internet have taken up their own Game Day training as well.

DevOps Training

As with anything computer-related, there are devops training certificates. These days, most companies are moving toward lessened on-site risk and putting greater responsibility onto hosting companies that deliver much more economically minded and remotely accessible cloud-based computing solutions. One of these companies that I used is at, and I would highly recommend.

Such solutions are here now, and not somewhere in the future. The process of Devops involves the following: Planning, Development, Release, Operation, and Closing.

Project Management

It is said that Scrum and Agile methodologies for software and technology, which are iterative by their nature, can benefit operations professionals tasked with development. It is true, because every iteration of a software model requires planning, building, testing, release, and then closing.

The first aspect of the process is in the planning. It requires getting together with the major stakeholders, or people who care about the outcome of the product, and find out what they want from the product or software. It can include customer feedback about what they want in future renditions of the company’s site functionality. That can be gleaned from customer surveys and customer feedback.

In addition, the corporate management will have their own input into the functionality, financial backing, and the expected outcome of the development. Meanwhile, people within IT will have their own requirements and vision. The idea is to build what is according to the main goals.

Do not let scope creep happen, because it can easily get the project off track and make it fail. Instead, realize that there are some items that can wait and need to wait until the next iteration.

8 Ways You Should Know In How To Learn SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for all things Internet in the modern world. SEO is of course important to anyone trying to make money online through websites and their traffic and ad revenue, but it’s also critical to anyone looking to make sure their business website stands out from the pack. Even individuals not looking for profit per se need SEO sometimes, if they want to promote their website and resume in a job hunt, or even their social media accounts if they are trying market themselves as an author or artist.

Regardless of what brings you to the Internet table, knowing how to learn SEO is critical if you want to have any success in it. Keep reading to learn 8 such ways you can use to master at least the fundamentals of search engine optimization. If you want to keep these and learn from a true expert then go to Gotch SEO Academy for a crash course in SEO learning.

1) Follow a few blogs. There are thousands of authors writing online about search engine optimization. It doesn’t take a lot of surfing to find good ones, ones that are obviously successful at it, individuals who share without selling something, and ones that do the kind of optimization you’re looking for. That last part is sometimes a little tricky. While everyone in the search engine optimization game is looking to promote their website, the goals and tactics do vary. An SEO expert looking to promote a dropshipping website is going to have a different end game in mind than an aspiring photographer trying to get his portfolio noticed.

2) Know your keywords and key phrases. The specific search strings that people would use to possibly find your website for are what you need to target in getting the attention of search engines. If you are just starting out, it’s best to pick only three to five, and make sure that you have content on your website optimized for those words.

3) Build your backlinks carefully. In the old days, you could just promote your site by having hundreds or thousands of links from relevant sites pointing back to yours. That’s no longer the case, but relevant links from reputable, high-quality websites that search engines recognize as authorities on their topics are very desirable links these days.

4) Keep up with what Google is doing. Most Internet searching is done through Google, so being in their good graces and optimizing for them can deliver sound results. When Google updates their algorithms, it often sends shockwaves throughout the SEO community.

5) Be mindful of mobile users. The fastest growing segments of the Internet are mobile electronics users of smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. Make sure that your website is both accessible to them, but also optimized too.

6) Decide on global versus local. For some websites, it makes sense to compete with everyone online in their arena, like if you are running an online business that deals in rare and vintage violins. In other cases, it makes sense to only compete locally, like if you are operating a carpet cleaning business. SEO campaigns can be done only for local results within your city if that is where you need business. There’s no sense ranking a website to show up for Cleveland searchers if you only do business in Dallas.

7) Join a forum. There are many SEO forums online where you can ask questions and converse with other enthusiasts also hoping to be or already successful in this field. Filter your search results for free forums, and be sure that it’s one that’s actually active and has been for some time.

8) Spend some time on YouTube. SEO experts have likely hundreds of thousands of videos about their tactics, campaigns, successes, and failures uploaded to the video sharing giant. Follow your gut, and you’ll often know within minutes if you want to listen to someone through all their content. Finding a regularly updated channel is a great way to get new ideas and information on a regular basis.

Now you that you know these 8 ways how to learn SEO, you can make search engine optimization something you learn the basics of. You can apply it as large or small as you like, be it a business that creates your retirement fund, or just getting the word out about a family reunion website.

Wrestling with \’Our\’ Consciousness STEP BY STEP


I would like to share with you something which I have been speaking (More listening) with friends of mine on.It would have been great to videotape and post for a more detailed understanding. I think you will be able to relate and get something out of this though… They say that people don’t change. Well, for the most part, they don’t. This is an absolute. Life is full of contradictions and two-sided coins.  They say that people *can’t* change. Yes, they can… but a lot of times they don’t.


I spent time with two dear friends today that have made big changes – transformations I would say, in the last couple of years. Now they have started their own education business that centers around tutoring in Santa Monica, right now. It seems we were all discussing turning points in life and how a lot of times it takes a really challenging situation to occur in life for us to take a deeper look at what life means to us and to see the darker side of life in order to gravitate to the light. If everything was always easy and we drifted along just nicely, there would be no reason to change and grow. No reason to delve for deeper meaning and reach towards God sources’ plans for us.

There is a reason for the challenges. It is said that a kite doesn’t rise with the wind, it rises against the wind. Food for thought. To find our authentic self, literally everyone that has experienced a profound life-change that I’ve spoken to has gone through a ‘trial by fire.’ Without this nudge, or this baseball bat over the head! – there is no reason to reach for change (and betterment). There is a saying that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and as cliche as this sounds, I have yet to find a clearer statement justifying the vaulting improvement that has occurred in my two friends whom I had spent time with today.


I have to say that it was very fulfilling and inspiring to see a sparkle in the eye, hear a story and to be able to literally ‘feel’ the growth that they have consciously participated in in the last while. they were the exact same experiences I have been relating to over the last few years and it was just so funny that all of the stories were so individually unique but in a certain sense exactly the same! These were two very, very conscious people though and from my experiences, there are a large amount of people who still walk around very blindly, never looking at the bigger picture and just not ‘getting it’ or just not even wanting to ‘get it’. It truly is a rare gem to hear the life tales that I heard today and a pleasure to be around an environment of awakened people. What a world it would be if…? Imagine.Yours,Rick Titan