Wrestling with \’Our\’ Consciousness STEP BY STEP


I would like to share with you something which I have been speaking (More listening) with friends of mine on.It would have been great to videotape and post for a more detailed understanding. I think you will be able to relate and get something out of this though… They say that people don’t change. Well, for the most part, they don’t. This is an absolute. Life is full of contradictions and two-sided coins. ¬†They say that people *can’t* change. Yes, they can… but a lot of times they don’t.


I spent time with two dear friends today that have made big changes – transformations I would say, in the last couple of years. Now they have started their own education business that centers around tutoring in Santa Monica, right now. It seems we were all discussing turning points in life and how a lot of times it takes a really challenging situation to occur in life for us to take a deeper look at what life means to us and to see the darker side of life in order to gravitate to the light. If everything was always easy and we drifted along just nicely, there would be no reason to change and grow. No reason to delve for deeper meaning and reach towards God sources’ plans for us.

There is a reason for the challenges. It is said that a kite doesn’t rise with the wind, it rises against the wind. Food for thought. To find our authentic self, literally everyone that has experienced a profound life-change that I’ve spoken to has gone through a ‘trial by fire.’ Without this nudge, or this baseball bat over the head! – there is no reason to reach for change (and betterment). There is a saying that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and as cliche as this sounds, I have yet to find a clearer statement justifying the vaulting improvement that has occurred in my two friends whom I had spent time with today.


I have to say that it was very fulfilling and inspiring to see a sparkle in the eye, hear a story and to be able to literally ‘feel’ the growth that they have consciously participated in in the last while. they were the exact same experiences I have been relating to over the last few years and it was just so funny that all of the stories were so individually unique but in a certain sense exactly the same! These were two very, very conscious people though and from my experiences, there are a large amount of people who still walk around very blindly, never looking at the bigger picture and just not ‘getting it’ or just not even wanting to ‘get it’. It truly is a rare gem to hear the life tales that I heard today and a pleasure to be around an environment of awakened people. What a world it would be if…? Imagine.Yours,Rick Titan